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Felisi is tradition, attention to detail and research rooted in Italian artisan leather goods since 1973.

From the outset it has drawn from the techniques and materials typical of Italian leather-making
to create rigorously handmade products: unique, exclusive and resistant manufacturing of quality over time.
Every Felisi creation has always been studied for life occasions in which practicality and elegance are a must for the wearer:
versatile materials, comfortable portability, spaces for personal items.
The innovative design of each piece is the symbol of a philosophy projected into the future,
where every change is the "leitmotiv" of the stylistic choices and the components used.

Felisi creations are made even more extraordinary by the ability to shape themselves over time:
the leather used softens and changes, thus creating exceptional and inimitable objects.

Felisi designs and manufactures handmade luxury bags, belts and accessories in Italian leather goods distributed all over the world and here,
within the Virtual Boutique, he wanted to create a space dedicated to online leather goods, for direct sale to the public.

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