Felisi, historic made in Italy brand, designs and creates exclusive collections of their kind.
Each Felisi accessory becomes part of the wearer, changing in shape and color over time, thus becoming more and more personal and unique. This is the great added value of Felisi products.
For the creation, the Brand makes use of fine leathers combined with canvas or nylon, in a wide variety of colors and combinations.
The Felisi coat of arms belongs to the noble Ferrara family: the shield with the luxuriant tree of golden apples symbolizes the fertility of the lands owned by the family.

The Felisi brand was born in Ferrara in 1973 as a small artisan workshop. Today it is a company known all over the world which, thanks to the loyalty of an increasingly refined and demanding clientele, has consolidated its presence not only in Europe, but also in the United States, Asia and especially Japan. The company is based on a continuous and solid collaboration with expert hands in leather processing: the many years of experience of the artisans who have trained in the Felisi laboratories over time has absorbed the tradition of making each product entirely by hand.
Felisi is deeply rooted in the Ferrara area: both the laboratory and the production site are located there, to guarantee careful and direct supervision of all processes and accurate packaging of accessories according to the highest quality standards.

A fulcrum city of the Italian Renaissance due to the richness of its cultural and architectural tradition, Ferrara has received the title of world heritage site from UNESCO. Inside and outside the city walls, for centuries, craftsmanship has continued to play a central role in the productive and cultural system. It is on this fabric that the historical experience of Felisi is inserted, which has always been based on tradition and artisan quality, the precious raw material of its activity and knowledge. In a land of non-leather manufacturers, Felisi has given life to a new way of conceiving leather processing.